Land Surveying in Genesee Valley & the Finger Lakes NY Region

Want a topographic survey of your property? Need an Elevation Certificate? We Are Licensed For All Types of Land Surveys!

Title - Property

Land Surveyor

Land Surveyors is a licensed land surveying company with locations in Stafford and Avon, NY. Since 1987, our experienced team has been providing title and property surveys as a tangible representation of the property. We have the latest equipment and mapping software to serve all sized properties throughout Central New York and the Southern Tier.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys measure the landforms and elevation points of a piece of land. These surveys are often used by engineers and architects to determine the placement of buildings and construction jobs. They identify where natural and man-made land features are located including waterways, mountains, and plains. At Welch & O'Donoghue, we are experts at topographical surveys, so call today!

ALTA Surveys

We provide ALTA surveys which are boundary surveys adopted by the American Land Title Association. These high-standard surveys are insured as a survey endorsement on your owner's title policy. Contact us today to learn more!

Construction Stake Out

Construction Stake-Out

We offer construction stake-out surveys at Welch & O'Donoghue, serving Genesee Valley and the Finger Lakes, NY region. These types survey for various stages of construction, such as buildings, roads, pipelines, and bridges. They are critical when so that the contractor can design and build accurately and effectively.

Residential, Commercial, Farms

We serve all types of customers including residential homeowners, contractors, business owners, and farmers. Trust our highly trained land surveyors at Welch & O'Donoghue to provide you with a precise survey delivered in a prompt manner.

Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA)Elevation Survey

If your property has been mistakenly mapped as being in the floodplain, a Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) can change that. We serve Canandaigua, Rochester, Batavia, NY and surrounding areas with LOMA adjustments. Ask our specialists to see if you qualify.

Elevation Certificates

In business for over 27 years, We provide elevation certificates, which provide elevation information. This information ensures compliance with community floodplain management regulations and is used to request a LOMA.

For more info about FEMA, LOMA, and Elevation Certificates, click below: 

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Service Areas Include: Rochester, Avon, Batavia, and Stafford, NY